The cameras can be placed at various strategic locations in the basin.
For existing pools we have developed a special drilling system, which allows the cameras to be placed under water.
As a result, the pool does not have to be empty during installation and,  in most cases , can stay open to the public .
A hole is drilled in a tile of the swimming pool.
Then the camera is placed in a plastic housing which has a diameter of only 82 mm .
Due to this housing , it is possible to place the ball-shaped camera in any desired position.
For the finishing touch we have several types of cover rings .
This ensures that the camera joins the pool wall seamlessly.


Wondering how the drilling process works ?

The camera images can be displayed at the desired location on a monitor, tablet and even on a cellphone. The monitors and tablets , supplied by, are specially prepared for the pool climate for a longer life span. The applications and installation possibilities are almost unlimited!

There are plenty of options for displaying the images.
• Rotating images on one monitor
• Multiplexer ( multiple images ) on one monitor
• Multiplexer ( more pictures) on multiple monitors
• HD recorder on one monitor
• HD recorder on multiple monitors
• Recording or playback by means of a computer
linked to your network
• Display on a phone
• Display on a tablet


Drowning detection also offers the possibility to expand the camera system with a drowning detection  system.
The system triggers an alarm when a motionless object is detected on the bottom of the pool.