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In the hydrotherapy pool located at the basecamp of football club Vitesse, zwembadcamera.nl has installed two underwater cameras.
Players who have suffered an injury or are recovering can use of this underwater treadmill.
Often it is too hard or impossible for the players to walk out on the field.
By means of this treadmill, the recovery will have its effect much faster.
The treadmill can be adjusted in height with a maximun depth of 1.80 metres and a minimum depth of 60 cm for various training levels.
Training in this pool offers the right solution for a player with an injury.
The physiotherapist can watch the screen to see how the player walks on the treadmill.
He can record the images and playback later.
The players themselves look continuously at the images on the TV screen, so they can see the unwinding of the feet themselfs and adjust where needed.



The applications in sport of swimming accommodations are limitless.
Here are some possibilities:

  • Hydrotherapy
    See above example
  • Animal hydrotherapy
    The above can also be applied on the therapy of animals
  • Diving/Synchronized swimming
    What do the movements look like under water and where do the movements need to be refined.
  • Underwater Hockey
    Ideal for the referee
  • Training for competitive swimmers

As you can see, the possibilities are almost unlimited!
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