Private Pools

Do your children love to swim?
Jumping in and out of the swimminpool?
Balancing like an acrobat on the side of the pool and jumping in backwards?

Are you holding your breath everytime they do so?
Afraid that some day this will go wrong?

Do you have a private swimmingpool in the backyard?
Do you suspect unwanted visitors are using your pool when you’re not home or a sleep?

Did you answer most of the above questions with “YES“?

SWIMMINGPOOLCAMERA.COM HAS THE RIGHT SOLUTION! helps you monitoring your swimmingpool when you’re not (able to be) around.

A few examples:

  • Overview camera from corner position
    For a clear view on the swimming area
  • Overview underwatercamera
    For a clear view on the bottom of the pool
  • Camera images on a tablet
  • Camera images on your telephone
  • Camera images on your computer screen
  • Camera images on your televisionscreen

As you can see, the possibilities are almost unlimited!
Your situation not listed on the website? is happy to offer you a customized solution!
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!