The rules regarding safety in and around pools are increasingly stringent . Mostly this is a drain on the budget because it involves taking staff. This is at the expense of the extras required for the pool to remain attractive to visitors. The camera system is a highly effective and affordable solution to increase security. There are plenty of options that can be used with Indoor and outdoor pools , changing rooms , water slides, wellness centres, rehabilitation pools, whirlpools, rapids, aquariums, industrial greenhouses etc.
The possibilities are almost unlimited!


For example:

Our cameras even display clear images when there are lots of air bubbles. Therefore the cameras are ideal for placing in the pool at the end of water slides, waterfalls and rapids.
The cameras can also be used in “blind spots” created by pool decorations for example.
The underwater cameras are also a good solution for swimming pools where supervision is not mandatory such as in hotel pools.
For pools where monitoring is not mandatory, an underwater camera combined with a monitor in a central location, can be the right solution to keep an eye on the swimming guests.
This way one can still monitor the pool in a simple but effective way.
The camera system is not designed to replace supervisors but only to serve as an extension of the supervisors.
In this way, the pool is a lot safer.
You use additional “eyes” underwater!