20 cameras swimming pool Aquamar

For the new swimming pool Aquamar in Katwijk, Zwembadcamera.nl has been able to supply and install the underwater camera system on behalf of Olco -Sportsphere.
The project concerns the supply and installation of 20 Swimming Pool Cameras.

8 pcs Full HD special pool camera in the competition pool;
6 pc Full HD special pool camera in the multifunctional pool;
6 pcs Full HD special pool camera in the recreation pool;

IBG Projex

Zwembadcamera.nl prepared several screens for a longer lifespan in swimming pool climates.

Ewac Medical

A complete camera system with three underwatercamera’s

Camerasystem for Ewac Medical-Singapore

April 2016
For Ewac medical we’ve created a complete underwatercamerasystem with three special unerwatercamera’s for a swimmingpool in Singapore


9 cameras in Swimmingpool De Lis


The new swimming pool in Sportcentrum De Waterkanten has a 6-baths competition pool (25 meters) with movable floor, diving board, instruction pool with moveable floor, leisure pool with whirpools and a rapid, 60-meter water slide, whirlpool and wading pool with various toys.
Swimmingpoolcamera.com has placed 9 camera’s in the competition pool and leisure pool including 3 cameras in the rapids and an overview camera above the whirlpool, water slide and wading pool.

6 cameras in Swimmingpool De Vosse


Swimmingpoolcamera.com has installed 6 underwatercamera’s in the 50 meter competition pool in Sportfondsenbad De Vosse in Hillegom.
Now the entire bottom of the large basin can be viewed at a glance.
Our cameras support supervisors at their job.
This allows supervisors to get a even better view of the bottom of the deep pool with a glance at their tablet of monitor.

Complete installation for Kiwa

Swimmingpoolcamera.com has installed cameras, controllers and underwater spotlights.

All fully installed and configured to the needs of the customer.

3 cameras in practice pool KNRM


Swimmingpoolcamera.com has installed a underwatercamera system for the KNRM (Royal coastguards).
The metal bath is used as an indoor facility that can whip up approximations of the waves, bellowing wind, horizontal rain and disorienting noise that rescuers will eventually face.
The bath is used for exercises of offshore personnel.  The underwater cameras are used so these dangerous situations can also be closely monitored under water.

Sportiom ‘s-Hertogenbosch

The Sportiom is divided into three sections, where all kinds of sports can be practiced.
The subtropical swimming pool is the largest and best known.
Zwembadcamera.nl installed cameras in this subtropical swimming paradise.

Sportiom has been rated with an 8 on the scale of 10 in Swimmingpool safety.
Only three pools in the Netherlands achieved a higher rating.
By making use of supervisors and underwater cameras, the pool is constantly monitored.
The Province of North Brabant hereby indicates that  Sportiom is one of the most safe and hygienic pools of the province.


Multiple complete IP underwatercamera systems have been installed for medical swimmingpools in hospitals in Utrecht, Singapore, systemen voor medische zwembaden in ziekenhuizen, in Utrecht,Singapore,Maysia and Dubai