The product

The camera images can be displayed at the desired location on a monitor, tablet and even on a cellphone.
The monitors and tablets , supplied by, are specially prepared for the pool climate for a longer life span.
The applications and installation possibilities are almost unlimited!

There are plenty of options for displaying the images.

• Rotating images on one monitor
• Multiplexer ( multiple images ) on one monitor
• Multiplexer ( more pictures) on multiple monitors
• HD recorder on one monitor
• HD recorder on multiple monitors
• Recording or playback by means of a computer linked to your network
• Display on a phone
• Display on a tablet


The camera
Our specially designed swimming pool cameras feature a waterproof stainless steel housing with a diameter of 55 mm . The cameras are available with lenses of different opening angles.
This allows us to offer the right pool camera for every application.
We have also developed a pool camera for outdoor pools suitable for quick daylight changes.


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